Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bear Lake

My family decided to take a little vacation to Bear Lake, which is a pristine lake that splits on the Utah/Idaho border.
(click title for a map)

We packed well and I printed the driving directions from mapquest and off we went 281 miles on the shortest possible route things were going swimmingly when we noticed that the mapquest directions were to turn right on HW 89, but we were already on HW 89 so we continued driving till we noticed a sign that read PRESTON IDAHO! WTF, where the hell are we, so we stop in the local convience store and are told that "yes you missed your turn Only 50 Miles AGO!
but....... I know a shortcut over the mountain" Imagine all the movie scenes going through my head.

So we took this shortcut, (which by the way is georgous! cach mountains in southern Idhao) and it worked out but once we got to the other side there was a fork in the road........DUM DUM DUM which way to go, so the family flipped a coin and we choose left so 35 miles later we are told in Montpelier Idaho that we chose wrong so we uturned and another hour later we were checking in at the Bear Lake Lounge what was estimated to be a 2 hour 41 min drive ended up being a 5 hour tour of southern Idaho.

My family at the beach

We searched and searched for the opening to the beach when we saw 2 trucks driving down a dirt road to the beach, so we watched them to make sure it was safe and everything looked good from the hwy so off we went 1/2 way is when we discovered that not only was it not a paved road, There was deep trenchs and small ponds in this "road",then it opened up to deep soft sand!
I floored it and swerved the "minivan" to the firmer ground on the beach, Whew,
The water was perfect crystal clear and blue with a soft sand bottom and very warm,the kids built sand castles and we threw the fribie around the beach apparently the beach that we "stumbled on" was a private beach which was great until we needed to leave.
We searched for a easier way out but there was sand everywhere (Only trucks were on the one minivan) I ended up needing a tow out of the deep sand and having to wait until someone with the combination to the gate arrived to let us out.....

Hawke had a blast and collected about 5000 tiny shells
When we got back to the hotel we bar b qued and swam and played tag in the hallway. I had a few cocktails and went to pick up the frisbie that fell in the shallow end of the pool and did a slip and fall in the pool that would have made any slapstick comedian proud :)

Cicily is so big it seems like yesterday she was wearing a diaper

Theresa was a great helper with the shells

Bear Lake Lodge, Bear Lake Utah

The pool side rooms were great and it was 5 mins from the beach

Me after a few cocktails...I had to dig the van out of the sand by hand and then wrap a strap around the frame in 100 degree weather.... So, I tore it up!

The pool was a big hit....duh!

Kids were wore out by then end of the day

Look at my baby all braided up, she is so wonderful

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The day has come........We got Cats

Brothers from the humane society currently named Cuddles & Tiger

Sleepover Time

Violet, Jr and Angelica had a sleepover at our house this week

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miranda Joe

Miranda came over for the evening and hung out with us

Theresa and the kids painted toenails

Hawke on his tiny skateboard

Ryu turned 1 year old

Theresa made him a cake

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Cottonwood and Silvercreek

One of the great things about Utah is that the mountains are literally in your back yard it takes us 10 mins to get to the mountains and on a day when the temp was 97 degrees going to a place where it is 78 degrees is a welcome relief, Hawke is going to be a model no doubt about it he loves the camera this shot was taken in the s curve in big cottonwood where we did a little rock climbing.

Silvercreek is a beautiful place that is paved and perfect for hikes with little kids

An elderly couple asked if I wanted my picture taken with the kids, she was so short of breath I was surprised we were in the lense. They were very nice

Big Cottonwood


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Theresa and I went shopping today and made the kids some 4th of july shirts, with Iron on patchs and emblems then my neighbor Justin and I had a fireworks show in front of my house and the kids had lot's of fun we both bought a bunch of fireworks and a good time was had by all.

Riverton Carnival & Parade

It was 100 degrees and Big Kenya and Cicily were feeling it

My parents Oscar and Gennette Arnsworth in the 1960's....
We found these pictures in my moms attic and I have had them here for awhile so I thought I would post them for all eternity.