Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Bar-b-Que - Arnsworth Family

We had a family/neighbor bar-b-que today
 Ryu rocking the slip and slide
 Hawke and Zhen playing badminton 
 Hawke and Mya playing badminton
 Mya and Jaxx
 Kenya and Arri

Nana and Pop Pop

Rocky Mouth Trail - Arnsworth Family

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer at Snowbird Ski Resort - Arnsworth family

Aric and his family arriving on the Peruvian Chair & Tunnel at snowbird ski resort in the summer, Utah
The view from on top of the world
Snowbird has lots of summer time activities
Mya jumping on the trampoline
Aric on the Mountain Coaster

Happy happy happy
Kenya riding the Mountain Coaster
Hawke on the trampoline

Yolanda and Theresa 
Wired ?

Bear Lake - Arnsworth family

Arnsworth's at Bear Lake

 Arri and Kenya playing on the beach
 Zhen and Aric on the tube

 Mya enjoying the beach
 Kids striking a pose
 Aric and Yolanda's selfie
 Mya riding a seahorse
 Flash letting Zen and Hawke know what he thinks about the quality of their sand castles 
 Packing up to leave

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Utah Ute Football Camp

Utah Ute's QB Travis Wilson chasing Hawke while playing 
Sharks and Minnows at the Ute Football camp
Ute's QB Travis Wilson  chasing Hawke down 

First and goal and Hawke catches a touchdown from Travis Wilson
End of camp speech by the Utah Ute players

 Best water girl ever

Saturday, July 12, 2014

We hiked up to the waterfalls and took some pictures

Schabel Shindig

We had some dear friends come to visit us from Indiana and Idaho
 Kimberly and Theresa
 Bret, Tracy, Gray and Tarry hanging out under the deck
 Miles, Hawe (Flash), Kenya and Olivia posing for me
 Theresa looking stunning
 Kenya and Oliva
 Ty, Hawke, Oliva, Kenya, Bri, Miles
 Theresa made quite the spread
 The original OG