Sunday, June 25, 2017

Donut Fall Hike

Epic ride up Big Cottonwood Canyon and hike up to Donut Falls

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Breakfast and Coffee with friends

 I had breakfast at "The Bagle Project" today
Met Joe and Sarah for coffee afterwards

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day - Maple Grove Hot Springs

I rented  a yurt for Fathers day
 It was quite spacious and comfortable
 Diesel was the camp dog and he was super mellow
 The grounds were impeccable and beautiful
The hot pots were really hot and relaxing
 Hawke and I got some fishing in that morning
 First Fathers day where I feel like myself and it was 
probably one of the best ever -Love me, love my life

 Hard to describe how beautiful it is here

 The longboards are a part of the campground and the kids loved them
 That night we saw a great horned owl
 The hot pots were kept at 107 degrees
 Morning view from the campgrounds
 Long boards were lots of fun
 Relaxing watching eagles fly by

Fathers Day Demolition Derby

Saturday night was the Preston Idaho Demolition Derby
 These guys really put on a show the kids and I had a great time
 Splattered in mud and intoxicated with car fumes and loud engines...awesomeness

Fathers Day - Mink Creek Ranch

Another beautiful day in Mink Creek
 The kids really loved the riding lawn mower
 Country Boy at heart
Sporting the muck boots
 Video game addict
 Kenya being artistic with the camera
 Hawke moving at light speed
 Fist time in the history of man have a brother and sister 
argued over who gets to mow the grass next
 Happy Fathers Day to me, all I wanted a quiet day with the kids
 More of Kenya's artistic side

Park City Ride

Took my first ride to Park City and I was in good company
 Love her...
 Playing around with my camera
Beautiful day

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Liberty Park and Swimming with friends

It was a beautiful day so I took the kids to Liberty Park 

 Apparently paddle boating was on Hawke's bucket list

 Afterwards we met up with my friend Holly and her kids for some pool time
 That face

 Hawke Dive

 The kids posing for me

 Feel the power
 G is such a cutie pie