Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hawke's team is undeafeated 5-0 for the year

Hawke was left wide open for a 2 pt conversion 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Camping in American Fork with the Moody family

We had a wonderful/awful camping trip with the Moody family, We started out climbing a rock dirt road with sheer cliffs on our side in a $50,000 suv while the only other vehicles around were 4 wheelers and Jeeps, Then we camped next to Charles Manson and his extended family who looked like they have been living at the camp site for awhile, Then Hawke pooped too near the camp and the Moody's dog Lucy found it and thought it would make a great snack and proceeded to walk into camp smaking on Hawke's turd, The evening was awesome  we grilled brats drank good beer and had great conversation by the fire,  Then the night started !  while laying on our deflating air mattress it started to rain and we didn't have a cover for our tent so with the outside temp at about 50 degrees at 5:00am in the morning we loaded the gear into the car and put the kids in the Moody family's camper.  Theresa and I muddy and exhausted packed up at 8:00am and loaded the kids into the suv and drove home.

Hawke and Alexander 
Flash enjoyed all the smells of the forest

Cicily thought we were going out on the boat!!? after we were on the road she asked "Where is the boat" she had packed her swim suits and thus is wearing my sweatshirt.
The kids made their on fire
Olivia with Flash
Hilary washing Hawke's poop out of Lucy's mouth
Overall we had a fun time
Roger and Hilary

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