Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bye Bye Cicily

Armed with her new sporty notebook and stylish hair

Theresa as per tradition straightened Cicilies hair

Love you baby

Kenya is really gonna miss her big sister

Uncle Bob & Aunt Ann's

Dave brought Oysters and Salmon from the Pacific Northwest with him so we had a barb b que at Bob and Ann's house

Dave showing the kids the finer points of grilling

The family

Jennette, Rick,and Hanna

Mike and Sherry

Football Time Kill the man with the ball

Boys earning the football

Theresa and Cicily enjoying the atmosphere

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uncle Dave and Aunt Brenda

Cicly hanging out with Rihana

Hawke begging for 2 more cats, we have two cats and now my family wants 2 more kittens that they found at a Smiths Market place, first of all they would have to be spade and neatered $150!, then they would have to have their shots $45 and then I would have two more mouths to feed and two more asses wipe HELL NO!! HELL NOO!! HELL NO!! we sweep everyday and still there is cat hair everywhere not to mention that the two we have throw-up twice a day (only in places you can walk in it) I love animals, watch Nature, National Geographic but I'll be dammed if I'm bringing anymore into my house.

Mikado Restaurant Sushi

We took the family out for sushi this week

The kids were excited about going out for dinner

Kenya had Theresa do her hair

We had a private booth and the food was great

Beautiful girls having fun

Yum Yum

Thank you for coming


Riverton has an Urban pond that we have been fishing, Utah offers 37 close-to-home urban fisheries some are often stocked with planted rainbow trout but others use easy-to-catch warmwater species such as bluegill, bass, crappie and perch.

So far Hawke is the only one to catch a fish

Of course teenage girls and fishing do not mix

Monday, July 20, 2009

America's Next Top Model

"Get dressed Hawke we are going fishing"

Hawke will usually choose a vest and tie if given an option

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Neighborhood Bike Parade

Our neighborhood had a bike parade that ended with a pancake breakfast at the local stake center

Angela had the spirit!

There were lots of hot mommies

Everyone got their grub on

This miniture horse was the hit of the day

Lots of kids

Hawke decorated his bike and wore a tie as well as knee and elow pads to protect him in case his training wheels fail him

A friend sent this picture and I thought it was nice

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cascade Springs

I love this picture of Theresa

Not enough pictures of me on this blog

Theresa and Google looking so cute

Cicily on the way up 8,050 feet was our elevation

Hawke being himself

How hard is it to do a family picture?

Grandma and the kids, resting. There are three 15 min loops that surround the springs major flow areas

Me, Hawke and Mom

Cascade springs is really pretty this time of year, To get to Cascade Springs take the Alpine Scenic Loop up American Fork canyon

The boy
This is as close as Hawke would get to Memaw

The springs are fed by precipitation from the mountains above. 7 million gallons of water a day reach the surface of impermeable rock, and flow out to feed the springs.

Me and my girls