Sunday, January 25, 2015

Strawberry Bay

Cicily, Hawke, Kenya and I went to Strawberry Bay Marina for a over night fishing trip
(when the sun reflects off the snow it is very bright)
The view from the lodge
We caught 22 fish for the day which is a little slow but we had fun
We played domino's and watched movies
The next morning the kids sled down the hill next to the lodge
Breakfast the next morning

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Strawberry ice fishing

We went fishing today and caught 61 fish, 58 cutthroat trout and 3 Rainbow. We couldn't keep the cutthroats because of lake regulations, Hawke and I had one of the rainbow trout for lunch, my neighbors took the other rainbow trout for their dinner. Great day

Absolutely beautiful day

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ice Fishing Season Begins

Rockport Reservoir 

Maiden voyage of my new hut

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015

New Years Eve
Happy Happy Happy


Height 43.5"-2009
Height 47.5"-2010
Height 49.5"-2011
Height 51.5"-2012
Height 54.0"-2013
Height 58.0"-2015

Weight 44 lbs-2009
Weight 49 lbs-2010
Weight 57 lbs-2011
Weight 60 lbs-2012
Weight 67 lbs-2013
Weight 85 lbs-2015

4 years old-2009
5 years old-2010
6 years old-2011
7 years old-2012
8 years old-2013
10 years old-2015


Height 49.5"-2009
Height 52.5"-2010
Height 55.5"-2011
Height 56.5"-2012
Height 59.0"-2013
Height 62.0"-2015

Weight 52.2 lbs-2009
Weight 62.2 lbs-2010
Weight 72.6 lbs-2011
Weight 78.2 lbs-2012
Weight 84.5 lbs-2013
Weight 106  lbs-2015

6  years old-2009
7  years old-2010
8  years old-2011
9  years old-2012
10 years old-2013
12 years old-2015