Monday, July 26, 2010

We took Cicily to La Caille

The kids had a sleepover so we took Cicily out to dinner

There were Peacocks and Peahens running around the grounds

Cicily was amused at the fanciness and portion sizes

Theresa and I were amazed at how quite it is without the little ones

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tahiti Village Las Vegas Nevada

We took a family vacation to Las Vegas

The Tahiti village is great for families

There is a sandy beach on the main pool

Theresa brought beach toys for the trip (she is so prepared)

Hawke in total zen

Theresa was the most beautiful woman in Las Vegas

The grounds were very well maintained

Lazy river is a separate pool that has waterfalls and tubes

(Please go to older post to see the final post from this trip)

Dinner at the Wynn Casino

We dressed up and went to the Wynn for dinner

Cicily being sassy

My beautiful wife

Wynn is a very nice very high class casino

Maddie is the apple of Hawkes eye

The food was great as was the service

Getting Tat's in Vegas

We went down to Fremont street for some fun

Secret Gardens at the Mirage

Kenya with a dolphin behind her

This was a very hot day so we stayed underneath with the dolphins for as long as we could

Did I mention it was hot? 115 degrees made Maddie and Kenya were hugging the air conditioner

Cicily and Theresa enjoying the sunny weather

Theresa and I sitting under the misters watching the Tiger cubs

Lions, Tigers and Jaguars

Hawke doing his impersonation of a Lion

The M&M factory was a complete letdown it's just a store

Lame, very lame

Town Square Mall

Town Square is really well designed with a play area for kids

Find Hawke in the maze :)

Kenya and Hawke enjoying the splash pad

Kenya looking so cute in her swimsuit

Later we went to the Bellagio for the water show

Theresa and I enjoying the show (it was still hot)

This was right up Cicily's alley

The kids and I were tired by the end of the night

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bike Parade 2010

We had our annual neighborhood bike parade, Hawke and Kenya dressed up their bikes and rode behind a fire truck with pancakes at the end of the ride

"I wonder if she will notice if I steal her bacon?"-

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lagoon Amusement Park

We had a family day at Lagoon Amusement Park

Annika turned 9 and wanted to go to Lagoon and a new putter :)

Shelby, Cicily and Tana did the teen thing of giggling, checking out boys and posing

Theresa went to the bathroom 500 times

Did I mention they were dorks?

Mia, Annika, Kenya and unknown child

Jared & Melanie Jorgenson (thanks for inviting Kenya)

We picnicked over in the park area it was very nice

Rattlesnake Rapids

Hawke was with us most of the day so we have good pictures of him this one was taken by a gentleman at the Log Flume

Kenya and Mommie

Kenya was very brave she rode all the big roller coasters and scary rides

Hawke was just tall enough to ride all the big rides as well as the kiddie rides (best of both worlds)