Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mink Creek Property

Theresa and I bought a fixer upper in Idaho today
 It's located in the Mink Creek Valley near Bear Lake
 The property is sitting on top of a bluff overlooking our 4.2 acres
The Mink Creek river runs through the property
 Hawke and I  can fish from our own property
 Some of the renovations were started
 Recessed lighting in the kitchen
 View from the master bedroom
currently the place is heated with wood! :)
 The root cellar had some canned fruit older than my wife
 3 bedrooms upstairs
 We have lots of work to do but when we are done it will be spectacular 
Wild Turkeys were everywhere

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Charlies Angels

The girls posing in their new outfits

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Years Kids Measurments


Height 43.5"-2009
Height 47.5"-2010
Height 49.5"-2011
Height 51.5"-2012
Height 54.0"-2013
Height 58.0"-2015
Height 60.0"-2016

Weight 44 lbs-2009
Weight 49 lbs-2010
Weight 57 lbs-2011
Weight 60 lbs-2012
Weight 67 lbs-2013
Weight 85 lbs-2015
Weight 87 lbs-2016


Height 49.5"-2009
Height 52.5"-2010
Height 55.5"-2011
Height 56.5"-2012
Height 59.0"-2013
Height 62.0"-2015
Height 64.0"-2016

Weight 52.2 lbs-2009
Weight 62.2 lbs-2010
Weight 72.6 lbs-2011
Weight 78.2 lbs-2012
Weight 84.5 lbs-2013
Weight 106  lbs-2015
Weight 113  lbs-2016

New Years Eve 2016