Saturday, May 31, 2008

Southland Elementary Fair

Kenya's school had a fair friday night and the kids had a ball, they had a dunk tank , cotton candy, snow cones and hair painting.
good times.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tooth Fairy Part Deux

Kenya lost her 2nd tooth and yes she pulled it herself again (she has wiggled this thing for 2 weeks) The tooth fairy gave her 6 quarters this time because she is such a brave girl.

Gross huh! well I figure I shouldn't have to look at it all enjoy :)

Theresa was a trooper and worked in the flower beds most of the day but she forgot the sunblock and after a Utah winter inside....well, see for yourself

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a great day

Theresa made a fabulous dessert for the bar b que we went to and that she forgot to take any pictures at "I'm just a girl" :)

Hawke loves the camera and the camera loves Hawke

sneaking whipped cream that mom just made from scratch

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture Day for Kenya

Kenya woke up at 6:30am
took a shower
did her hair
picked out her outfit
picked out a headband
picked out another outfit
and brushed her teeth
came downstairs and made breakfast for herself
checked herself in the mirror
washed her hands
asked me (dad) if I could get her to school early
checked herself in the mirror again
pose for the camera

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back Yard Fun - 90 degrees!

I can't image it snowed a couple of weeks ago, The Gray's came over the fence to play on the slip and slide, The kids had tons of fun

Monday, May 12, 2008


There always seems to be one naked kid when the weather gets nice and lucky us it's our son, The kids were playing in the sprinklers and Theresa came outside to check on them and this is what she found.

No he is not shy

Kenya went to play with the "girls" at the playground later on that afternoon, the playground usually has at least a half dozen kids out there and it's usually the same group of kids so they all know each other and we know most of them

Friday, May 9, 2008

Camp Timpooneke -(click here)

To all our family and friends I reserved a group camp site for the 7th and 8th of June in the Mount Timpanogos mountains.

Everything for the site has been paid for so if you would like to join us your more than welcome.

The site will accommodate 40 people and 8 cars, it's a pretty cool site we saw it last year when we camped at a different camp site and planned on getting it this one this year. Cicily will be here on the 6th and POP POP promised to bring his dutch oven so we should have lots of fun.

Let us know if your interested so that we can plan for the total number of people

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank You Grandpa Lance

Hawke received a birthday card from his Grandpa in South Carolina “Grandpa Lance” the kids are always happy to receive mail and birthday cards are especially appreciated.

Kenya needed a trim so the only way to trim such curly hair is to straighten it and what does a girl with curly hair love? Straight hair, they had fun and Kenya looks beautiful.

The weather is pretty crazy here right now yesterday it was snowing and today it is 70 degrees and sunny so we have been playing outside and huddling inside based on mother natures whims. Work has been quite so Theresa and I decided to have the “bonus room” sheet rocked, we have a 3 car garage and above that is an unfinished room that is about 625 square feet, we have already contracted the wiring and the insulation so all that is left is the sheet rock and the carpet (Theresa wants to paint 12 different colors on the walls so I will leave that to her). Dogs…………My family has the dog bug so shopping for a dog has crept on the radar and I’m not exactly stoked about it, they are another mouth to feed and butt to wipe if you ask me but I seem to be out voted, the criteria for a dog is 1. small 2. Quite 3. Short hair and last but not least 4. cheap, I can’t believe how much people want for dogs these days, and the number of made up breeds cockapoo, maltipoo, it seems if you can get the sexual organs to fit you have a new specialty breed that is apparently worth $800 and needs to go to the vet every 6 weeks for something or the other but I digress we will probably end up with some hairy shedding expensive dog that has a heart murmur and a bowel disorder that my kids can’t live without.