Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumkin Time -

Kenya digging deep


Lots of fun

Hawke liked digging out the seeds

Kensi had fun

Theresa did Kenyas hair

Adult Party Time

Notice the red cup with the jungle juice

We bought outfits this year

Me and the most beautiful little native american girl

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bressler Boxing Update

The kids have really progressed with their boxing skills

Kenya doing some exercises

Kenya is a great tactician, she listens well and is athletic
This was Hawkes best practice he was moving well

Speed and confidence are improving every week
Legrand is the man, his dad and I go back aways and he has been in the Bressler program for 3 years

Video of the jalapeño

Notice the jalapeño on the counter

Notice how annoying his mom and sister can be

First Family

As a black man I am still amazed that black people live in the White House that aren't cooking or cleaning, it's amazing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cupcake Stand

Theresa made cupcakes for a baby shower and she wasn't happy with the finished product so we decided to let the kids sell them for $.25 each

The cupcakes were decorated by the kids and they ended up making about $10.00

The neighborhood kids bought cupcakes and helped sell them

Shawn & Angela Stolz-Coulter

Theresa traveled to Olympia Washington for her brothers wedding

Everything went off without a hitch

Angela is as sweet as she is beautiful
Theresa looking stunning
The next day she went to her Uncle Daves for a barbque
Allison is a doll
Theresa's Cousin Dave and his wife Carolyn with their daughter Lacy
Shawn was glad to get back to normal
Theresa with Lacy and Rose